Gender Female
Voice Actor Masayo Kurata
Song(s) Star Mero Mero Heart
Anime Debut

"Today's my debut concert! I hope you'll enjoy it very much! "- Alala in episode 21.


Alala looks like a fairy. She has wings and a green spiky strapless dress. Alala has two forms (Real Form and Human Disguise Form). In her Real Form she has green hair and pink eyes. In her Disguise Form her eyes are brown and green hair. Her appearance is somewhat similar to Tinkerbell.


Alala states that she would become a Pichi Pichi idol. Alala is one of Michel`s servants. She has two idol songs. The first one is "Star Mero Mero Heart". She uses this song against the mermaids which shoots stars at them which causes them to be unable to move. Her second song is called "Oh Yeah! Alala" which she uses on stage.

Image SongEdit

Star Mero Mero Heart musicvideo03:02

Star Mero Mero Heart musicvideo

Star Mero Mero Heart

Alala- oh yeah! ~mermaid melody~01:13

Alala- oh yeah! ~mermaid melody~

O Yeah! Alala!

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