Gender Female
Family Madame Taki
Species: Abalone
Voice Actor Miyuki Kanbe
Anime Debut Auri's Day

Auri no Hi(アウリの日)

is a distant relative of Madame Taki and is an abalone spirit who is rather "experienced" with experiments and explosions. She came to learn the basics of becoming a fortune teller because of what she read from a women's model magazine on a survey on how to attract men. Her full name is Aurisumaris.


Auri displays a very gullible person for believing what she read in a magazine. Despite this faulty characteristic, she is very determined and will not give up even if she badly fails. She apparently really wants a boyfriend, up to the point of snatching the human form of Hippo from Yuri before realizing that it was actually Hippo himself.


It is not known if Auri is from the North Pacific Ocean or she was just there, but she was at the palace at the time making medine, or experimenting with something. Whatever it was, it went bad and there was a huge explosion that destroyed the kingdom (In Hanon's perspective that is).


Auri has brown eyes and a large amount of brown hair in a humungous ponytail with two tiny strands sticking out from her ears. She wears a light pink dress with white stockings and pink shoes. In Lucia's flashback, she wore a lab coat and goggles before the explosion.


  • Auri's name is similar to Yuri's name.

Auri's GalleryEdit

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