Ayaka 2
Gender Female
Age 17
Voice Actor Takako Honda
Love Interest Kaito Domoto
Anime Debut A Mermaid's Jealousy

Māmeido no Jerashī(人魚(マーメイド)の嫉妬(ジェラシー))

Ayaka is an older girl who took an interest in Kaito. She originally was just suppose to be learning the basics of surfing from Kaito. In the end, she was stood up because Kaito already liked someone.


Ayaka is very sly and ,what would be considered in the present day, a bitch. She purposely made herself scared and helpless to be with Kaito and to make Lucia jealous and hate Kaito so she could have him all to herself. She strongly believes that Kaito likes older girls, specifically herself, as she so obiviously hinted throughout the episode.

She seems to think that just because she is older, she has the rights to get what she wants, kind of like the high school systems of seniors having more rights over the freshman. Her voice has a very annoying and loud grating quality and emphasizes the way she says "Kaito-kun".


Ayaka has dark blue wavy hair. She has brown eyes and a mole on the lower left side of her red lips. She wears a short light pink and magenta tank top with long light blue tight jeans and heels. When she was "learning" how to surf, she wore a dark and light purple wetsuit and her surfboard is also light purple.


  • Ayaka means "Color Fragrant".
  • She is a perfect example of a bitchy girl.
  • She is older than Kaito and Lucia.
  • Her favorite color is probably purple.
  • She is the only character that her lips are shown.
  • The Dark Lovers seem to be older than the Mermaid Princesses, too. Maybe Ayaka is wearing lipstick, or she is the oldest of all the female characters.

Ayaka's GalleryEdit

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