Alias Yellow Pearl Voice
Gender Female



Family: Unknown
Voice Actor Satomi Arai
Song(s) None
Anime Debut Episode 50

Coco(ココ Koko) is the Mermaid Princess of the South Pacific Ocean and a close friend of Sara, the original Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean. Like with Noel, she did not have a lot of presence in the anime until the second season on account of her having been captured and held in Gaito's castle.


In the anime, Coco is rather hyper and a playful person yet also is rather innocent. She serves as a cupid of sorts for Rina and Hanon because the two were so stubborn and lost with their boyfriends. Coco is bad at lying and tends to let whatever is in her head come out audibly, just like Hippo does. That having been said, she is very good at keeping secrets such as those concerning Sara. Coco had been very loyal to Sara and, with the help of the other mermaid princesses, convinced her to aid them in their fight.

In the manga, Coco is still playful but is markedly less hyper, instead being a more gentle person. This is evident as she is more supportive of her friends and looks to be as loyal as possible to all her fellow friends and mermaids, especially Sara. One might consider her to be loyal to a fault, as she stayed behind (for Sara's sake) when she was first freed by Lucia, Hanon and Rina. When Seira was born in the second season, Coco shows much happiness at the event.


Coco clothes

Coco's Clothing

Coco has straight, blond hair in her human form; however, in her mermaid and idol forms, she has lighter blond hair. In her Human Form she has golden brown eyes, but yellow eyes in her Idol and Mermaid Forms. Like the other mermaids, Coco wears a seashell pendant with wings that has her Yellow Pearl inside it, which she uses to transform into Yellow Pearl Voice.

Forms and Aspects[1]Edit

Coco has three forms. Her three forms, like all other mermaids are her Human Form, Mermaid Form and Idol Form.

Human Form: In her human form, Coco's appearance develops into a natural human look. Her long hair becomes shorter and slightly darker in color. Her eyes also change into a golden brown color. She wears her shell pendant containing her pearl like all the other Mermaid Princesses. She usually wears outfits of yellow color, the styles of which are mostly showy or flattering to herself.

Mermaid Form: Her mermaid form follows the trend of all of the other Mermaid Princesses, with two pearl bracelets around her right wrist and her yellow tail. She has long, straight, blond hair with bangs and yellow eyes.

Idol Form: Lastly, there is her idol form, Yellow Pearl Voice. Her costume is a short golden yellow dress with a large light yellow stripe in the middle with yellow- orange ruffles on the sides. The dress has a short knee-length yellow pleated skirt with an orange-yellow bow on the back. It also includes pale yellow high heel boots and light yellow gloves with cuffs. Coco does not appear in a mermaid princess gown. Yellow Pearl Voice only has one outfit in the manga and has received no power-ups.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - Yellow Pearl Voice

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - Yellow Pearl Voice


Just like the other mermaids, she has the power to transform into a human and an idol. She can transform into a human at will, however, she goes through noticeable changes. To transform into her idol form, she simply shouts "Yellow Pearl Voice!". She can use her voice to fend off enemies and can create a white sphere that blocks attacks.


  • Coco's name is deprived from the tropical fruit "coconut".
  • She is one of the three princesses who do not have any love interests, the other two being Noel and Seira.
  • She and Noel are the only mermaid princesses who don't have a character song.
  • Her birthdate is August 7, 1984.
  • Coco's blood type is AB.
  • Along with Noel and Caren, she is the only Mermaid Princess to be a prisoner of Gatio.
  • Out of all the mermaids, Coco sees her persona change the most between manga and anime
  • After Sara's death, Coco became the oldest princess of the group.

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