The Pearl Tear
[[File: |250px]]
Air Date April 5, 2003
Opening Song Taiyō no Rakuen
Closing Song Daiji Na Takarabako
Episode Number 1
Previous Episode None
Next Episode Feelings I Can't Say
Song(s) Legend of the Mermaid
Duration 25 minutes

The Pearl Tear (真珠の涙, Shinju no Namida) is the first episode of Mermaid Melody. It was aired on April 5, 2003.

Plot Edit

Lucia Nanami, Mermaid Princess of the North Pacific Ocean, lost her pearl seven years ago while saving Kaito Domoto. In order to find her lost pearl she comes to human world with her pet Hippo. She meets Kaito and he asks her to come and watch the surfing competition. Suddenly, Kaito gets attacked. He remebers Lucia and hands her over the pearl so she can defeat Izuru with her beautiful voice.

References Edit

  • The Little Mermaid: The flashback of Lucia saving Kaito is a reference to the Disney film when Ariel saved Eric.

Major events Edit

  • The first episode of the entire series.
  • Luchia turns human so she can get her pearl back.
  • Luchia transform into her idol form for the first time.

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