A Mermaid's Jealousy
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Air Date May 24, 2003
Opening Song Taiyō no Rakuen
Closing Song Daiji Na Takarabako
Episode Number 8
Previous Episode A Mermaid's Jealousy
Next Episode Stolen Melody
Song(s) Legend of the Mermaid
Duration 25 minutes

A Mermaid's Jealousy "Māmeido no Jerashī"

Plot Edit

When Lucia hears a rumor that Kaito is dating an older girl, she sets out to investigate. Elsewhere, a beautiful emerald found in the ruins of Rina's kingdom becomes the star attraction of a cruise liner gallery, and Eriru attempts to steal it to lure the mermaid princesses to her. Later in the episode, when Eriru is defeated, she drops the emerald in the abyss below her as she disappears and it was never seen again.

Major events Edit

  • The Mermaid Eye from Rina's kingdom becomes the star of a cruise liner gallery.