Hanon Hosho
Personal Information
Alias Blue Pearl Voice
Birthplace South Atlantic Ocean
Gender Female



Family: Meru (childhood friend)
Voice Actor Hitomi Terakado
Song(s) Ever Blue
Mizuiro no Senritsu
Love Interest Taro Mitsuki
Nagisa Shirai
Anime Debut The Pearl Tear (Shinju no Namida 真珠の涙)

Hanon Hosho (宝生 波音 Hōshō Hanon) is the deuteragonist and is the Mermaid Princess of the South Atlantic Ocean.


Unlike Luchia's reason to head for the land, Hanon had to surface to escape from the water demons, similar to Rina's reason. She at first seemed very firm about not having love interest in human males, but changes her mind when she meets Taro Mitsuki, her music teacher.


Hanon is a perky and flirtatious person who embodies the "girly girl" character type. Like any typical teenager girl, she loves dressing up, going shopping and has a small attitude at times given the stituation. She is quite lazy when it comes to cleaning even as she lives in Pearl Piari (the Pearl Baths in the manga). Luchia often complains that she gets 'that way' when she meets cool guys, even though claiming to love Taro Mitsuki. Hanon and Luchia often get into fights about trivial things and can act childish, rude to each other.

During her session of love, Hanon had a very unhealthy obsession over trying to win Taro Mitsuki's heart, it getting to the point of her imagining their marriage in her head. She always goes to every one of his piano recitals, usually using it as an excuse to get herself out of cleaning duties; it is hinted in episode 36 that Hanon was never invited to the concert by Taro and instead she just went of her own accord. She is constantly linking her arm with his and always thinking of ways to try and "seduce" him. Hanon had also mentioned that she would choose love over friendship.

When meeting Nagisa, Hanon thinks he is cute, for she blushed when Nagisa makes his first appearance in the anime. Unfortunately, because she is so stubborn and still in love with Taro, she plays hard to get and pretends she didn't care about Nagisa, instead continually calling him a kid. But in the end, she did choose him over Taro because he was constantly trying to please her and saying he would have failed if she looked sad.


Hanon clothes 1

Hanon's Clothing #2

Hanon clothes

Hanon's Clothing #1

Hanon has amber-brown eyes in her human form, but she has aqua blue eyes in her mermaid form. Her human form has short dark azure hair, while she has long light blue hair in her mermaid form. She always wears a blue shell necklace around her neck containing her Aquamarine Pearl. Forms and Aspects:Hanon's main form is her Mermaid Form. To stay on land, Hanon needs to use her Human Form and is able to switch from both forms back and forth by getting wet or drying herself. To transform into her Idol Form, Hanon shouts out Mizuiro Pearl Voice using the power of her pearl to ward off enemies.

Human Form: Her human form is significantly different from her mermaid form. Hanon's long aqua hair has the same hair style, but becomes shorter and grows darker. She also has brown eyes in her human form, wears a barrette shaped like an 'X' in her bangs and is seen in many outfits during the series. Hanon is the second shortest mermaid princess after Seira.

Mermaid Form: When in her mermaid form, Hanon has long, wavy, blue hair with two stars in her bangs. She wears an aquamarine clam-shell bra and sports a bracelet around her upper left arm. On her darker blue tail as well as on her wrist, she wears double navy blue pearl bracelets. She wears a shell locket containing her pearl around her neck just as she does in all her forms along with star earrings.

Idol Form: Hanon transforms into her Idol Form, Mizuiro Pearl Voice, so she can defeat enemies with her songs. Her idol form consists of a short light blue strapless dress, with gloves and boots to match it. The dress is light blue and the skirt is sky blue with three layers and ruffles. Her gloves and boots are baby blue with pearl bracelets on her ankles and wrists. She still wears her star barrettes, earrings and shell necklace like all the other mermaid princesses. In the second half of the first season, Hanon gets a new, upgraded outfit by the sea goddess, Aqua Regina, making it yet more elaborate. Her boots and gloves now have an extra layer and there are ruffles on her top piece. The bottom two layers of her skirt are a lighter shade of blue and the top layer stays the same shade. Her hair grows longer, darker and much more wavier. Hanon does not gain another accessory like Lucia and Rina, but still keeps her star barrettes. Hanon and Lucia's Idol Form are very similar with a few slight changes. As it is true with all the mermaid princesses, Hanon's second transformation is more powerful than the first one and enables her to defeat the Black Beauty Sisters with her new songs.


Like the rest of the mermaid princesses, Hanon needs her pearl in order to transform into her idol form. Her pearl is also needed in order to summon Aqua Regina. When in her idol form, her voice is transmitted by a microphone-like object called the E-pitch and is used to defeat the enemies.

She says "Love Shower Pitch" in the anime, whereas in the manga she says "Pretty Sugar Pitch!" in order to defeat enemies.

Her image songs are 'Ever Blue' and 'Mizuiro no Senritsu'.


Hanon's transformation is very much like Lucia's. Her pearl transforms into her E-pitch microphone. Boots appear on her feet then her gloves. Then she holds her microphone and strikes a pose.

After Aqua Regina gives the trio the upgrade in outfits, Hanon can transform into her second idol form. The first part to transform is her top. Her skirt is slightly longer than her old one and her boots and gloves have an extra layer. A new noticeable accessory on her is a long, blue bow tied on the back of her waist. Her microphone also transforms into a more intricate design.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - Mizuiro Pearl Voice00:33

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - Mizuiro Pearl Voice


  • Hanon means "Holy and Good" and Hosho means "The Voice of Dharma"
  • Hanon is known as the "Aqua Pearl Voice", but she would usually be referred to as the "Blue Pearl Voice"
  • Her birthdate is May 24, 1989.
  • Her blood type is A.
  • Hanon is 153cm tall.
  • She and Sara are the only mermaids to have two love interests in the course of the whole series.


Mizuiro No Senritsu - Full Hanon Version (w Lyrics)05:25

Mizuiro No Senritsu - Full Hanon Version (w Lyrics)

Mizuiro No Senritsu

Ever Blue - Hanon-004:54

Ever Blue - Hanon-0

Ever Blue

Legend Of Mermaid Hanon Version Japanese-004:37

Legend Of Mermaid Hanon Version Japanese-0

Hanon-Legend of the Mermaid

Hanon's GalleryEdit

For more pictures on Hanon, see Hanon/Gallery.

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