Gender Male
Species Asshole
Voice Actor Miyako Ito
Family Lucia Nanami
Nikora Nanami
Love Interest Yuri
Anime Debut The Pearl Tear

Shinju no Namida(真珠の涙)

Hippo (ヒッポ) is a talking penguin who serves as the guardian and a guide to Lucia and the other mermaids. He is to play as Lucia's pet penguin. Hippo has a tendancy of eating almost anything, often causing problems for everyone.


Hippo is very protective of Lucia and is always worrisome of she and the other mermaids all together. At the start of the anime, he clearly opposes the thought of the mermaid princesses dating humans because he is afraid they will reach the stage of admitting their feelings and turn into bubbles.

Hippo has the shortest temper and often lets what's on his mind come out of his mouth. Though sometimes his thoughts are correct, some get him kicked, smacked, pulled, wacked, chased, hammered, and much more. He also seems to have a tendancy to barge into the bathroom while the mermaids were in the bath, resulting him getting splashed.


Hippo semi half

Hippo's Human Form


Penguin Hippo

Penguin Form: Hippo is a blue penguin wearing a sailor's outfit and a white hat on the top. His eyes are notably large especially when he is angry.

In episode 6, Hippo wore a cute little tuxedo to the aquarium to meet other penguins at the penguin section of the aquarium.

Human Form: Hippo has blonde hair, pale skin, and light green eyes. He still has his

Hippocampus Form

sailor outfit and hat, only his blue pants became very short shorts. Added to his outfit were white socks, and brown shoes. He is usually seen with Yuri when in his human form.

Hippocampus Form: Hippo achieved this form after getting the key Sara gave to Taro.


  • The true form of hippo is that of a human. Hippo is Lucia's best friend; He worries a lot for her when he knows she's in love with Kaito; To the point of lying to him by telling him that it will turn into a bubble. Hippo generally turns into penguin to keep its powers of the ocean longer.


Mermaid Melody-Hippo singing Legend of Mermaid

Mermaid Melody-Hippo singing Legend of Mermaid

Hippo=Legend of the Mermaid

Hippo human

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