Kaito Domoto
Gender Male
Age: 13-15



Gaito (Brother)
Adoptive Parents(Deceased)
Aunt Yuuri(Aunt)

Panthalassa Clan

Voice Actor

Daisuke Kishio

Love Interest (girl friend) Lucia Nanami
Anime Debut

Shinju no Namida


Kaito Domoto(堂本 海斗 Dōmoto Kaito) is the child of two musician parents and a pro surfer and snowboarder. He is popular among a variation of girls, but he was in love with the mermaid whom he had met seven years ago. He had yet to realize that Lucia was his mermaid from seven years ago.

Later in the storyline, it was revealed that Kaito is a prince of the Panthalassa race and is the younger twin brother of Gaito.


Young kaito

Little Kaito

Kaito was adopted by a pair of famous musician parents when he was found on the beach as a baby. He was considered the core of happiness in his parents life and was treated well. According to episode 38, he used to follow his Aunt Yuuri around a lot. Seven years ago, when he was on a cruise ship, he met a young mermaid when he heard her singing "Legend of the Mermaid". At that moment, a colossal tidal wave hit the ship, throwing him overboard and killing his parents on the ship.
Yoki (2)

Kaito was believed to be dead once the mermaid had saved him, so the mermaid gave him her pearl to save him. After regaining his consciousness, the two developed a relationship before the little mermaid departed. Seven years later, he is living on his own and surfs a lot. He kept a small pendant that holds the pearl around his neck.


Kaito is very easy going and flirtatious within the first few minutes of meeting, as shown in episode 1. He is sincere and loyal toward his friends and will do anything to help his friends, especially toward Lucia, whether it was as dangerous as rescuing her or trivial as helping her study for a test.

Kaito has conflicting feelings between the mermaid he met from time to time and Lucia. He is completely oblivious of the mermaid and Lucia being the same person, though he had visions and thoughts throughout the series. He can be a bit rude and say certain things to Lucia that make her mad, but it's just Kaito being funny. He officially decides that he cares about Lucia more than the mermaid he met, giving her the ring before his departure to Hawaii. Fortunately, he realizes Lucia and the mermaid are one the same person. This makes it easier for him to decide his feelings.[1]


Kaito has spiky orange hair and orange eyes. For school, he wears the required male uniform, which consists of a white shirt, blue pants, and black shoes.One of his outfits consist of an open button orange shirt with a white t-shirt and blues jeans. His other outfit consists of an wide neck beige jacket with a black turtleneck shirt and black jeans. His wetsuit black with red, purple, and yellow designs and features along with his yellow surfboard.


  • Kaito means ocean and sake dipper.
  • Domoto means lamb of God.
  • As a child, in the moment were Lucia saved him, he looked childish, but Lucia didn't.


  1. Stated in the anime 'Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch'

Kaito's GalleryEdit

MMPPP - Kaito and Lucia

Kaito and Lucia

MMPPP - Kaito Domoto

Kaito surfing

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