Lady Bat


Race: Bat Demon
Age: 20 - 22
Friends: Ranfa and Alala
Enemies: Mermaid Princesses, Nagisa
Voice Actor: Sanae Kobayashi
Song: Ankoku no Tsubasa

Starting from today, your hearts will belong to me. Come! Let me show you my singing! - Lady Bat to Lucia, Hanon, and Rina (episode 9 of Pure)


In his demon form he has dark, red hair and lavender colored eyes. Lady Bat also has sharp vampire theeth and wings. As a human his hair is black and he has grey eyes. His hair is always in a ponytail and he wears a mini skirt with a white shirt. However, her appearance is similar to one of the mine monsters from Monster High, because her fangs and bat wings.


Lady Bat can fly and levitate things. He also has a strong sixth sense and can hypnotize people with his song. When he hypnotize humans they will do whatever he wants them to do or they will lose a part of their memory. Lady Bat can also control bats and turn himself into bats. He has tried to suck the mermaids blood a few times, but everytime before he could bite them he got interrupted. Other powers of him are telepotation and underwater breathing.

Personality Edit

Lady Bat has a calm personality. He is very confident and doesn't like losing a battle. Even though he goes along well with his comrades Lanhua and Alala, he doesn't really like the Black Beauty Sisters.

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