Lanhua 1
Gender Female
Voice Actor Megumi Kojima
Song(s) Hana to Chou no Serenade
Anime Debut Voice From the Dark

Yami Kara no Koe(闇からの声)

Lanhua(蘭花 Ranfa) is one of Mikeru's servants and calls herself the "the wings of desire and contentment". She has a small rivalry with Hanon over who is the prettiest of the two.


Lanhua is a bit self-conceited, believing that she is the prettiest woman on the planet. She heavily relies on her tiny minions to be able to attack the Mermaid Princesses because they provide the music to harm the mermaids.


Clothes 2

Lanhua's Clothing(Middle)

Lanhua resembles a Mandarin or Chinese dancer. She has long purple hair in buns and pigtails. Her eyes are red and she has butterfly wings that ultimately allow her to fly. She wears a sleeveless red Qi Pao dress with a long opening on her right leg. She usually carries a light yellow fan with pink fluff on the edges, which she used to spread a deadly glitter on the princesses.

Lanhua's little minions look like a miniature version of Lanhua, each one of them playing a difference instrument and having a different expression.

When she is disguised as a human, her eyes are brown, but her hair is still the same, minusing the red bun pockets on her head.


  • Her song is similar to a Chinese New Year Praide.
  • One of her minions makes a face simalar to Eriru.


Mermaid Melody - Hana to Chou no Serenade Lyrics04:43

Mermaid Melody - Hana to Chou no Serenade Lyrics

Hana to Chou no Serenade

Lanhua's GalleryEdit

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