Madame Taki
Gender Female
Species Clam
Family Auri
Voice Actor Kumi Yamakado
Love Interest Somegorō
Anime Debut The Pearl Tear

Shinju no Namida(真珠の涙)

Madame Taki(タキさん Taki-san) is the owner of the Pearl Piari and is a fortuneteller and friend to the Mermaid Princesses. Because she is elder, she is referred to as Taki-san by eveything.


Taki appears as a focused and calm person. She often attempts to make predictions in hopes of helping out her friends, but usually is declined because her predictions are assumed to be always wrong. Rare times when her predictions were correct usually leave them shocked. Sometimes she takes it personally, but most of the time she seems to let it go.


Taki has light brown hair and eyes. Her eyes are usually seen closed with the exceptions of her having the "moments" of her predictions. She wears a black bandana with a see through material attached to the back. She wears a red cloak over her floor length black dress and carries her crystal ball with her most of the time.


  • Taki means plunging water fall.

Madame Taki's GalleryEdit

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