Gender Male
Age: 20-30
Family: Saori(Deceased)
Voice Actor Keijin Okuda
Anime Debut Hidden Feelings

Himeta Omoi(秘めた想い)

Maki(真木 Maki), usually referred to as "Maki-san" is the owner of a beach house. He is a widower and still has a picture of his late wife, Saori, at the bar.

He is attracted to Lucia's sister, Nikora Nanami, up to a point of asking for her hand in marriage, but was later called off due to conflicting feelings.


Maki keeps a picture of his late wife Saori, who had passed away ten years ago. It is revealed in episode 41 that she was suffering a terminal illness, so Maki decided to marry her before she died. Maki occasionally talks to the picture when he is alone, though Kaito overheard one of his conversations.


Maki is very calm, but very straight foreward. He seems to love Nikora with all his heart, showing a bit of impatience while waiting for Nikora's answer to his marriage proposal. Despite his proposal, he still hasn't got over his wife's death.

Being the owner of the beach house with teens as the employees, he is responsible and looks after every one of his employees, similar to the way he did in episode 16.


Maki has tanned skin, shoulder-length brown hair, and greyish-bluish eyes. He is showing signs of aging on his face and is rather skinny in size.

Maki's GalleryEdit

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