Gender Male
Age: 10?
Family: Kaito Domoto
Voice Actor Chihiro Kusaka
Love Interest Lucia Nanami
Anime Debut A Small First Love

Chiisana Hatsukoi(小さな初恋)

Makoto is the cousin of Kaito Domoto who came to play for the summer. He was more interested in finding his beloved mermaid whom he appeared to have seen and fallen in love with. Apparently, Makoto believes in mermaids like his cousin does.

Makoto apparently made the connection that Lucia and the mermaid that he met during the summer are the same, and got a confirmed answer that she was in fact the mermaid after he saw her jump off a cliff and turn into a mermaid. The book where he got his information from was fairly correct.


Makoto is a shy and kind person, but also a big prankster for pulling off many stunts during the mermaid princess contest to find mermaids. He was very persistent about revealing the secrets about mermaids being real, but decided that he'd best leave them alone because he had read that if the mermaid's identites were discovered, they would turn into bubbles.


Makoto has brown hair and eyes, as opposed to his cousin's orange hair and eyes. He wears a red shirt and knee high blue shorts and sandals. He is sometimes seen with a watergun and his backpack with his stuff about mermaids probably inside.


  • Makoto's name means sincerity; truth; faith

Makoto's GalleryEdit

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