Gender Female

Water Demon

Voice Actor Sanae Kobayashi
Age 16-17
Anime Debut Frozen Feeling

Kootia Kimochi(凍った気持)

Maria is one of the four Dark Lovers.


Maria seems to be the closest to Gaito, but still tries to stay number one. She is the most innocent of the Dark Lovers, but can be cold and cruel.

In the end she used up her powers, giving them to Gaito so he could recharge his powers after the mermaid princesses weakened him. With her powers gone, she turned back to her real self, an eel. She, along with the other Dark Lovers and Sara, stayed and died with Gaito when his palace was destroyed.

She had an appearance on episode 18 of Pure, with the other Dark Lovers, when Hippo had wished to see Yuri again.

She also appeared at the very last episode of Pure season, this time, trying to help Rina with her love problems. She is seen singing with the whole cast at the end of the episode.

She was also Gaito's favorite in the manga, but she didn't seem to worry about the others taking her place. Many times, she would worry about Sara, the orange Mermaid Princess, but turned to evil after she thought she was betrayed, and Gaito about being a couple. In the end, she ended up turning back into an eel, just as in the anime.


Maria has long blonde hair, grayish blue eyes and her skin is ice white. She wears a greyish white dress and shoes. She also has two crystal ornaments worn near her ears as her earring, tiara or fascinator. It is also known that she sometimes uses these as weapons or power source. She looked much older in the manga.


Maria has a cold heart to everybody except Gaito, where she tries to flirt with him.
She can also be considered to be the innocent out of the four Dark Lovers. Maria always gives a cold smile to everyone and is most of the time, very calm. She frequently quarrels with the other Dark Lovers, but in the end, she doesn't bear any grudge against the others at all. She even tries to help Rina in the last episode of the Pure season.She was much more cruel in the manga.


Maria is the strongest out of the Dark Lovers. Her powers are based on ice and snow. She is shown controlling winter and is more powerful when the cold season comes. For instance, she could freeze whatever and however she wanted. She use her ice manipulation powers almost always, as she isn't very keen on manipulating snow, even though she has that ability. She can also use spells that can control ice, snow and cold. In the manga, she had one extra ability called Ice Dragon.

Maria's GalleryEdit

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