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Hello to all you dear Wikia Users/Contributors! Welcome to the ~Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Wiki~ On this wiki, it's all about the Mermaid Melody anime and manga combined! There are currently 54 pages on this wiki, but the number will increase as more pages are created. 

Plans for this Wikia - (✄ Please Help Out )

Edit all articles to make them useful for everyone to see :)  All characters of all importance~including the ones who only make one appearance x) Note: There are A LOT of people, please help out to make the process go a little faster please!!

Afterwards, the manga differences will be included in some of the character profiles. ~Please be patient ^__^

Episode Summaries. There are approximately 91 episodes, so IT WILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO COMPLETE EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! The episode summaries will include a short summary and spoiler portion.

The Mermaid Melody Manga (7 volumes worth) summaries will be created. Will include pages from the manga itself. [Manga Source]

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Pitch rucia2 Pitch hanon2 Pitch rina2 Pitch karen2 Pitch noel3 Pitch coco2 Pitch sara2 Pitch seira2 Pitch hippo2

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Lucia Nanami is the main character of the series and is a cheerful young mermaid.She had a crush on Kaito Domoto until he became her boyfriend.She is a loyal friend like most shoujo main characters and is a mermaid princess.Lucia's idol name is Pink Pearl Voice.Read More...

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