Gender Female
Age: 10
Family: Mother
Voice Actor Ema Kogure
Love Interest Kaito Domoto
Anime Debut A Young Visitor

Osanai Hōmonsha(幼い訪問者)

Meru(芽流 Meru) is a mermaid from the South Atlantic Ocean who came to the land to look for Hanon and ask her to help her find her mom. She was told to bring the Morning Moon Music Box to Hanon before her mom disappeared as bait for the sea monsters.

Initially, she strongly disapproved of seeing Lucia and Hanon having relationships with humans, but she was infatuated by Kaito's kindness toward her that she came back in episode 24 to playfully ask him to marry her, much to Lucia's surprise.


Not long before Hanon had escaped from the palace, the entire South Atlantic palace were forced to flee from the sea monsters, but Meru lagged behind because her mother was taking a long time. Her mother later came out with the Morning Moon Music Box and ordered Meru to give it to Hanon before she fleed leading the sea monsters away from the people of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Meru was left behind, so she went back to the now-ransacked palace looking for her mother. She then came across Yuri , who gave her a black shell, saying that she'll help her find her mom for her if Meru helps her capture the Mermaid Princesses by blowing into the black shell. She agreed and went to find the Mermaid Princessess whereabouts.


Meru is shy and loving, but easily gullible and expects too much out of a person. She strongly disapproved of human relationships, up to the point of believing that the Mermaid Princesses were more focused on love rather than their country and their safety. She later understands and decided that she would try and fall in love.


Meru 01

Meru as a Mermaid

Human Form:
Meru has short blue hair and brown eyes. She wears a light blue dress with the shoulders exposed and a pink ribbon necklace with red boots.

Mermaid Form: Meru's hair and eyes are light blue. She wears a light blue shell bra and her tail is light blue.


  • Meru means high.
  • Meru is the youngest mermaid. But Airi is younger than her. Also, she is the same age as Seria.
  • She seems to be Noel's friend, but she is actally, Hanon's friend.
  • Along with Nickora and her mother, she is the only mermaid to not to be a Mermaid Princess.

Meru's GalleryEdit

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