Mikaru Amagi
Mikaru amagi 7271
Gender Female
Age: 12-14 (original)
5 (reborn)
Family: Great One(Father)
Rihito Amagi
Gender: Female
Voice Actor Ryoko Shintani
Song Ashita ga Mienakute
Anime Debut A Premonition of Happiness Shiawase no Yokan(幸せの予感)

Mikaru (天城みかる Michal) is a wealthy but lonely girl who was different from other children. She is seen as antagonist because of her role being around Kaito so much. Because of a deal her father made, she is also Mikeru's human counterpart.


As a child, Mikaru was always sick and had to stay home. Because of her constant headaches and heartaches, she always had to take medicine, but her brother Rihito had a problem with the treatment. Because she had to stay in bed all the time, her friends soon left her all alone.


Mikaru is always crying because of how lonely she was. After she met Kaito, she claimed that he let her have hope again. When Lucia came into the picture, Mikaru developed a possesive and manipulative character, always clinging to Kaito's arm and pretending to be sick when Lucia and Katio were together. Mikaru seems to think that Kaito was hers just because she rescued him.

On episode 34, when Mikaru pretended to be sick when Kaito was with Lucia, she clung to Kaito and developed her "crazy and hysterical" act, saying that Kaito belongs to her, she'll die if he leaves her, etc. Towards the end of the episode, when Kaito was trying to tell her about his feelings, she refused to listen.

When Mikaru was reborn, she is no longer lonely, physically, or mentally sick. She is now very cheerful and happy, at the cost of forgetting about everyone except for Rihito, her brother.


Mikaru clothes

Mikaru's outfits

Mikaru has short brown hair and eyes plus ra
IMG 2751

Angel Winged Mikaru

ther pale skin due to her sickness. Possibilities if she weren't sick is having tan skin and not so petite.

At school, she wore the required school uniform with black socks, while at home, Mikaru wears a peach color shoulder off shirt, a light yellow skirt, and orange toms.

When she went to hang out with Lucia, Rina, Hanon, and Kaito, she wore a white top, blue skirt, pink flower heels, and a purple jacket around her shoulders. In episode 34, she wore a grey and pink wetsuit and had a red surfboard.

Her sleeping clothes is a long yellow nightgown and sometimes, she would have her purple jacket on her shoulders to keep her warm. She was also wearing her nightgown when she was looking for Mikeru to end her misery, when she gained her angel wings.

Little mikaru

Mikaru as a child (again)

Mikaru reborn

Mikaru as a baby (again)

When Mikaru was reborn, she looks exactly the same she did when she was older, only a younger version. Rihito states that he remembers the day Mikaru was born. She is wearing a dark blue dress and seems prone to blushing. She mentions that she has a friend names Mami.


  • Mikaru's name is actually "Michal", a feminine name for "Michael". In the bible, Michal was the name of King Saul's daughter, who was also King David's first wife.
  • Her surname "Amagi" means "Heaven" and "Castle".

Image SongEdit

Mermaid Melody~Mikaru~Ashita ga Mienakute-004:13

Mermaid Melody~Mikaru~Ashita ga Mienakute-0

Ashita ga Mienakute

Mikaru's GalleryEdit

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