Gender: Female
Race: Sea Demon
Age: 15
Family: Sheshe (Sister)
Voice Actor: Noriko Shitaya
Song(s): Voice in the Dark
Yami no Baroque
Apperince: Light blue hair, red eyes,

light skin.(As a demon.)

Light aqua blue hair, brown

eyes, light skin.(As a human.)

Blue fish.(As an angerfish.)

Mimi is a sea demon and the youngest member of the Black Beauty Sisters.


Mimi tries to capture the mermaid princesses with her sister Sheshe for Gaito, who hires SheShe and Mimi after the Dark Lovers' failed attempts to capture the Mermaid Princesses. Mimi is more of a follower of Sheshe, and in their songs, she sings the chorus. Their song causes pain to mermaids. Like her sister, Mimi is also transformed by Gaito's spell, and her true form is a blue demon anglerfish. Though Gaito turned them back to their original forms (two angler fishes), they are brought back in the second season after being revived by that season's antagonist, Michel, and made them his servants. In the pure season, the also work with Michel's servants, Lady Bat, Lanhua and Alala.

In the middle of Pure season, after an argument with SheShe, Mimi gets to land and is befriended by Lucia and the other mermaid princesses. They do not discover the true identities of each other, though, since they are all in their human forms. The mermaids help Mimi overcome her problems with her sister and persuade her to make her show her sister what she really is capable of. Encouraged by the girls' words, Mimi decides to take on the mermaids on her own, and fails, almost dying, but is rescued by SheShe. Afterwards in the series, she hesitates to capture the mermaids, because she slowly realises that the princesses are the girls that had become her friends when she was away from her sister. After her fears are confirmed, she destroys a perfect chance for her and SheShe to capture the mermaids and cries. SheShe and Mimi are then confronted by Michel. Mimi asks that Michel only kills her, blaming herself for failing at capturing the mermaids once again. However, SheShe persuades her to fight Michel with her and she does so. They sing against Michel, but he overpowers them and absorbs them. At the end, Mimi confesses how much she loves her sister before they die.

However, Mimi and Sheshe appear at the very last episode of Pure and they sing with the whole cast at the end of the episode.


Mimi has short light blue hair with two blue horns and fin-like ears. Her eyes are red and her teeth are quite sharp. She wears a dark strapless style top, black shorts with tights and long black boots. Mimi also has spiked jewelery and a microphone Tail.


Mimi is generally mean at everyone, especially at the princesses and she can act heartless if needed to. She gets excited when imagining a tsunami or a whirlpool destroy a town or when a mermaid nearly gets buried alive. However, she does have a soft side that comes up at the end of pure season: She befriends Lucia, Hanon and Rina and cries when she realises that those girls are the mermaids she's been hunting for so long. Mimi also loves her older sister SheShe very much, despite any arguments they might have, and would give her own life away to help her.


The Black Beauty Sisters can sing powerful songs that cause pain to mermaids. Just like her sister, Mimi showed an invincibility to the mermaids' first songs, until Aqua Regina gave the mermaids new songs. Mimi can only be hurt by their songs when at least three mermaid princesses sing together in their second idol form. When the princesses are in their first idol form the songs doesn't work on her and her sister.

Also, Mimi can create tsunamis, whirlpools and storms.

In Pure they got the power to create Demon from Sea creatures (It's unknown if they can do that with all animals) and make them their servants. They as well had fish comrades in the first season.

She can also capture the mermaids in a bubble by simply blowing at them, but this ability was just shown one time in the show. The same goes for another attack where they shoot something sharp at Lucia.

The sisters also have a second bubble attack, where they shoot a big bubble at their "pray".

They as well have the ability to create illusions. This was shown when the BBS captured Karen, and the other mermaids came to "Gaito's lair" (Illusion) to save her.

Mimi maybe has the power to hypnotize people, because SheShe did it once. SheShe has also shown a power to make Karen unconcious, so perhabs Mimi can do that too.

And Mimi can also teleport like the other demons and, in the middle of the first season, she is seen piloting a helicopter with SheShe.

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