Voiced By Naomi Wakabayashi
Personal Info
A pink dolphin.
Momo Dolphin

Momo is a baby pink dolphin first seen in episode 5. Lucia, Hanon, Rina, and Kaito help Momo get back together with his mother. Ever since Momo is seen in the show as a helper of the mermaids sometimes serving as a messenger.


Episode 5  "An Icy Kiss"

When a young pink dolphin named Momo is separated from his mother and placed in the local aquarium, Lucia and company journey there to offer their help. it was place there as a trap by Izuru to capture the mermaid princesses. Unfortunately Izuru's plan was a complete failure and retreated, Momo and it's mother were reunited together by the help of Luchia, Hanon and Rina.

Episode 13 "Mermaid's Ritual"

Momo appears in the ocean while Kaito is surfing and takes him to Luchia's castle for the ritual.


A small pink colored dolphin with blushes near it's eyes.


A helpful companion and messenger in between kingdoms.

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