Nagisa Shirai
Gender Male
Age: 15 ( cumple 16 en el episodio final )
Voice Actor Chihiro Kusaka
Love Interest Hanon Hosho
Anime Debut

Nagisa Shirai(白井 渚 Shirai Nagisa) is a young boy who has a crush on Hanon Hosho. He was the one who had recieved the music sheets that Taro had wrote for her and he had been wooing her since.


Nagisa is very childish, but nevertheless, is brave and likes to try new things to impress Hanon. He often jumps to conclusions and embarrasses himself; like when he assumes that Hanon's 'special person' is Kaito, and also when he thinks Masahiro is flirting with Hanon (he was actually inviting Rina on a date, who was with Hanon at the time). Compared to Taro, Nagisa has no sort of talent, but he always tries his best to make Hanon laugh, which Hanon admired and eventually learned that it was love he was giving her.


Nagisa has dark blue bushy hair and blue eyes. For school he wears the required male uniform, consisting of a white shirt and blue pants. His usual outfit consists of a long sleeved striped shirt with a short sleeve shirt serving as a jacket and knee-length pants.


  • Nagisa means the seashore.
  • Shirai means white well or shark-related.
  • His name is unisex, but more preferably for a female.
  • He seems to be a villan becuse he tells mean things to Hanon.

Nagisa's GalleryEdit

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