Nikora Nanami
N1ckor 431
Gender Female
Age: 20-35
Family: Lucia Nanami
Voice Actor Eri Saito
Love Interest Maki
Anime Debut The Pearl Tear

Shinju no Namida(真珠の涙)

Nikora Nanami (七海 にこら Nanami Nikora) is the false sister of Lucia Nanami and is the manager of the Pearl Piari, though in the manga, she is the owner of a bath house called Pearl Waters. She is a purple mermaid who supports and assists Lucia.


Nikora is wise and calm, yet stressful and worrisome at the same time. She acts as a nanny figure toward Lucia, scolding and . Half the time though, she relies on Hippo to do that for her while she is trying to keep the hotel up and running.

Nikora blush 012

Nikora Blush

At first, Nikora was against the thought of human love until she met Maki, where she is prone to blushing around him. She would often visit the beach house for Maki's tea and recieves gifts from him from time to time. She does like him, but called off the marriage proposal due to his conflicting feelings.



Mermaid Nikora

Nikora san

Nikora's usual outfit

an Form: Nikora has brown eyes and dark purple hair that she keeps in a messy bun and leaves two bangs hanging on the side of her head. She usually wears a yellow polo shirt, a red skirt with an apron tied around her waist, and red flats. She also has another outfit; an orange sleeveless dress with a brown belt around her waist.

The outfit that Maki had given her was a shoulderless yellow shirt with a red spaghetti strap and a red ribbon on the side. Nikora apparently resembles Maki's late wife, considering that Maki said her name when Nikora rescued him.

Mermaid Form: Nikora's hair is a lighter shade of purple with the bangs waist length and her eyes are gray. She is wearing a light purple shell bra and her tail is purple.


  • She is mistaken as Caren, because other people mistake that, too.
  • However, she can be from Caren's kingdom, too. Her hair and tail is purple insaid of pink, so it's unknown if she is born in Lucia's kingdom or Caren's kingdom.

Nikora's GalleryEdit

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