Alias Indigo Pearl Voice




February 13th, 1986

Family: Caren (twin sister)
Gender: Female
Voice Actor Ryouko Nagata
Anime Debut The Lonesome Princess (Kodoku na Ōjō 孤独な王女)

Noel (ノエル Noeru) is the Mermaid Princess of the Arctic Ocean and is the elder twin sister of Caren, who is the Mermaid Princess of the Antarctic Ocean.

Because of Noel's capture, she did not make a lot of debuts in the anime until the second season.


Compared to her twin sister Caren, Noel is calm, gentle, caring, shy, and brainy at times when she is wearing her glasses. Noel is also self sacrificing for letting herself be captured to save Rina. Noel is also pretty bad at lying because she and Coco struggled to stay quiet about Caren and Masahiro in Pure episode 20. Besides that, she is physically strong for elbowing Coco in the face.

Despite that Caren and Noel were born on the opposite sides of Earth, Noel cares about Caren more than anything, regarding that she was trapped for most of the first season. She does say how she wanted to meet Caren just as much as Caren wanted to meet her.


Noel clthes

Noel's Clothing

Noel is a complete opposite of her twin sister Caren from appearance, color, and personality.

Human Form: In Noel's Human Form, her eyes are slightly darker than other forms. Her hair is navy blue and wavy, with a right parted fringe. In the second season, Noel is shown wearing glasses.

Mermaid Form: Her mermaid form follows the trend of all the other mermaid princesses, with a deep blue strapless seashell bra, two Indigo colored pearl bracelets around her right wrist and a band of the same color around her upper arms and two pearl bracelets around her tail. Her hair is in the same style as it is in human form, though it is far longer. Her hair color is pale blue.And she is captured by Gaito in order to save Rina.

Idol Form: Her Idol form, her Indigo (Aiiro) Pearl Voice is a short strapless blue dress with darker ruffles on the one side, it is above the knee with a light blue trim on the top. She also has white gloves and high heel boots with pale blue pearls on the wrist and ankles and Indigo cuffs that extend to her mid-arm and slightly below the knees. Adorning the back of her waist is a light blue bow on the back with dark blue ribbon to match the dress. A blue and purple barrette partly holds back her hair. Her idol form is very similar in appearance to Caren's idol form.
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - Aiiro Pearl Voice

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - Aiiro Pearl Voice


  • The name Noel means "Christmas" in French and although that is a typically masculine name, females may be given the name as-is; otherwise, the feminine variant Noelle is chosen.
  • Noel and the other Arctic Mermaids represent the color indigo in the rainbow.
  • Noel and Caren share many similar characteristics due to them being twins.
    • Noel has a mole under her right eye and her bangs rise, swing and part to her right. Caren has a mole under her left eye and her bangs tend to swing to her left. They also have similar idol forms.
  • The beads found on Noel's mermaid tail are white amethysts.
  • Noel's birthdate is right at the end of February 13th, 1986 before the strike of midnight — making her the older sister — and her blood type is B.
  • Along with Caren and Coco, she has been a prisoner in Gaito's castle.

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