Rihito Amagi
Gender Male
Age: 20
Family: Great One(Father)
Mikaru Amagi
Voice Actor Takahiro Mizushima

Rihito Amagi(天城リヒト Amagi Rihito) is a supporting character of the second season of the series.


Rihito is an orchestra conductor and Mikaru's older brother. After initially seeing Kaito and Lucia at the airport, he becomes a "bridge" for the two.

He observes Kaito's progress in regaining his memories (despite his sister being around) while he checks on Lucia and comforts her as she copes with the loss of her emotional bond. Rihito tries hard to get Mikaru to realize that she could never be with Kaito even though she doesn't want to hear it.

In the anime, when Kaito leaves after telling Mikaru that he loves Lucia, Rihito restrains Mikaru from going after Kaito. When Mikaru is reborn, he promises that he will care for her and raise her again.

It is later revealed that both he and Mikaru are part of the same race as Kaito, leaving Rihito to believe that that is the true reason why Mikaru is attracted to Kaito.

He apears only in the second season, Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure.

Voice ActorEditEdit

Rihito's voice actor is Takahiro Mizushima  

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