Rina Toin
Alias Green Pearl Voice
Race: Mermaid
Age: 14
Birthday: September 2
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height: 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: A
Personal Information
Star Sign: Virgo
Alias: Green Pearl Voice
Hobby: Singing, reading
Favourite Subject:
Least Favourite Subject:
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Flower: Lily
Favourite Food: Vegetarian Dishes
Least Favourite Food:
Favourite Type of Boy:
Hopes to Go:
Image Songs:Star Jewel
Piece of Love
Anime Debut Swaying Thoughts (Yureru Omoi 揺れる想い)
Profession: Mermaid Princess
Love Interest: Masahiro Hamasaki
Family: unknown
Best Friends: Hanon and Lucia
Mermaid Princesses,
Production Information
Voice Actress: Mayumi Asano
Position in the Series: Tritagonist

Rina Toin(洞院 リナ, Tôin Rina) is the third mermaid princess to appear in the anime. She was a transfer student and is the most mysterious of the three.


Rina is the mermaid princess of the North Atlantic Ocean. She is also known as the Green Pearl Voice.

Rina is always concerned about her country and seems unable to let go of the past. When Gaito had destroyed her home and palace, she met Noel, the mermaid princess of the Arctic Ocean. While escaping, Rina was originally suppose to be captured, but Noel was captured instead.


Rina has a very serious and fearless personality. At the beginning of the anime, she is seen as a loner, but later warms up to Lucia, Hanon, and Kaito. Because of her "cool attitude" and beauty, she is admired by all her classmates. She is haunted by the incident of her palace being destroyed and Noel being captured, and has trouble telling people about her problems.

Unlike her
Rina blush (1)
two friends, Rina's love is focused on the T.V., specifically on comedy shows. Rina always shows that she is not interested in love, considering she turned down a group of college boys in episode 16. She also thought at one point that she might have a crush on Kaito when she thought Kaito cared about her when she was sick, until she actually learned that Lucia is the one who really cares about her. Up until the pure season, Rina is prone to blushing and stuttering around her boyfriend Masahiro. In the end, Rina blurts out that Masahiro is the most important person to her.


Lina clothes 1

Rina's Clothing #1

Lina clothes 2

Rina's Clothing #2

In her human form she has grey eyes but in her mermaid and idol form she has green eyes,  In her human, mermaid, and idol form she has seaweed green hair but in her idol and mermaid form it is much longer, she wears a green shell necklace around her neck containing her green pearl.

Forms and Aspects[1]Edit

As a mermaid, Rina has to transform into a human in order to stay on land. When she is facing a sea monster, she transforms into her idol form, Green Pearl Voice, and uses her voice as an offense. Her two songs are Star Jewel and Piece of Love. In the italian dub she sings Stella Preziosa. In the manga, she uses "Cool Shine Pitch" instead of the "Love Shower Pitch" she uses in the anime, along with the rest of the mermaids.

Human Form: Rina's human form only differs slightly from her mermaid form. Her hair remains long, reaching to just below her hips and doesn't change color, while her eyes become grey instead of green. Her choice of clothing lean towards the sophisticated and masculine; she's usually in dark slacks or blue jeans, long sleeved or sleeveless dress shirts, and dress shoes. During school, she wears the boys uniform instead of the girls. She is one of the tallest of the mermaid princesses behind Karen and Noel.

Mermaid Form:Rina was born on a Saturday, thus making her a green mermaid, with green hair and green eyes. Her outfit is the same as the rest of the mermaid princesses. She wears the similar shell bra, shell locket, a bracelet around one of her upper arms, and double pearl bracelets around one of her wrists and her tail. Rina’s princess outfit was first seen in chapter 14 of the manga. Her outfit is very similar to her regular mermaid outfit. However, some changes are a headband of small, yellow roses, two strings of pearls looped around the base of her tail, and a dress with a cleft and three bows on the side of her tail. Rina appeared in her princess form a second time in chapter 19; this time her dress is identical to everyone else- with both bows and the cleft in her skirts aligned in the center of her front side. In the anime season Pure, during the Summer Green Festive Rina's princess outfit is the same in chapter 14 but instead of a rose handband on her head there was a crown in its place.

Idol Form: When facing enemies, Rina transforms into her idol form, Green Pearl Voice. Her first outfit consists of a long light green halter neck dress with a slit on the side ending at the knee, long light green gloves with dark green slightly ruffled cuffs to her upper arm, and high heeled light green sandals. Rina, along with Hanon and Lucia, gained her second outfit in episode 28 when the trio was upgraded by the goddess Aqua Regina. Her second outfit is noticeably different from her first one. Her long dress now is complete with double layers. The first layer is light green and the second is slightly lighter, and she has a seaweed green bow on her right side. Her gloves now have a second layer which are a shade lighter, and the sandals are now have pearls on the straps. She also gains accessories such as a yellow-green pearl bead headband, a watch, and slightly darker green cuffs on the top of her dress. Her hair also lengthens massively. Rina’s second form is more powerful than the first one; it enables her to defeat the Black Beauty Sisters with her new songs.


Like the rest of the mermaid princesses, Rina needs her pearl in order to transform into her idol form. Her pearl is also needed in order to summon Aqua Regina. When in her idol form, her voice was transmitted by a microphone like object called the e-pitch, in order to defeat the enemies. She has two image songs from both seasons of the anime: 'Star Jewel' and 'Piece of Love'. In the italian dub, her song is 'Stella Preziosa'.


Rina's transformation is like all the other mermaid princesses. Her pearl becomes her E-Pitch microphone and her body glows and she starts her transformation. Her dress, heeled shoes and afterwards, her gloves transforms. She ends her transformation with a pose. After Aqua Regina gives the trio the upgrade in outfits Rina's transformation is slightly different. First her gloves appear then her dress, which now has a second layer, then her shoes. The long bow that the trio wears is in a slightly different place on Rina. The long, dark green bow is tied on her right hip instead at the back of her waist. A new accessory that is in her new transformation is her golden circlet just above her bangs. 

Mermaid.Melody.Pichi.Pichi.Pitch - Green Pearl Voice


  • Rina stands for beloved, peace, pure, queen, melody, and joyful.
  • Rina is the green color of the rainbow.
  • Rina is sometimes referred to as Lina.
  • Her personailty is simlar to Sara. However, Rina isn't a villain but she acts like a villain.
  • Rina is 163 cm tall.
  • Her birthday is September 2, XXXX
  • Rina's blood type is A?


Rina- Star Jewel (lyrics)

Rina- Star Jewel (lyrics)

Star Jewel

Mermaid melody piece of love rina lyrics translation

Mermaid melody piece of love rina lyrics translation

Piece of Love

MERMAID MELODY rina - super love song

MERMAID MELODY rina - super love song

Super Love Song

Legend of Mermaid (Rina version)

Legend of Mermaid (Rina version)

Rina: Legend of the Mermaid

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