Gender Male
Age: 16
Voice Actor Yuki Matsuda
Love Interest Lucia Nanami
Anime Debut The Summer Temptations

Natsu no Yūwaku(夏の誘惑)

Ryo is a young teen who accompanied Lucia in episode 19 when she was seperated from her friends after a rock concert. Ryo kept assuming that Lucia was dumped by her boyfriend.


Ryo would be considered one of the bad boys that roamed the streets and picks up girls alone on the streets. He is very flirtatious and straight foreward, considering the way he treated Lucia during their time of fun and how he took contral of everything.

It is strongly indicated that he fell for Lucia at first sight and wished to pursue her. Hints would be when he helped Lucia throw a dart at the dartboard, hugged and lifted her in the air, and attempted to kiss her. Before he left, he said to Kaito that he envied him for having such a girlfriend and he hopes to find a girl like Lucia in the future.


Ryo has dark brown spiky hair and gray eyes. He wore a sleeveless gray shirt with some necklaces and beige pants. The shirt is assumed to purposely be exposing his skin and muscles.


  • Ryo means magnificent

Ryo's GalleryEdit

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