Gender Male
Age: 16
Voice Actor Jun Fukuyama
Love Interest Lucia Nanami
Anime Debut Frozen Feeling

Kootia Kimochi(凍った気持)

Sakiya Kousuke is the Western Surfing Champion and is considered Kaito's toughest competition in episode 8. He appears to be just as popular as Kaito is around girls, only a lot less attractive...

He fell for Lucia at first sight thinking that she was making a bento for him after he won the surfing contest(which he never won) and making him have a conceited personality


Sakiya is confident and over-conceited about himself. He had first appeared in the anime saying that he would win, only to lose badly because of Maria. He seems to have a nasty habit of deciding things without permission, like deciding that Lucia will kiss him or date him after he wins the competition withouth Lucia's agreement.

  • If such person existed, he'd be shot and killed for being so full of himself. *


Sakiya has dirty blonde hair that sticks out of his ugly bangs and dark gray eyes. He wears a yellow jacket with black outlines with long faded blue jeans. He wears an orange wetsuit and has a purple surfboard.

Somehow he's attractive, yet his hair is so ugly.


  • Sakiya means cherry blossom growing...
  • Kousuke means inlet and clear, kind of indicating he's like an unstable rocket about to launch.

Sakiya's GalleryEdit

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