Gender Female
Age: 22
Family: Seira (successor)
Voice Actor Kana Ueda
Song(s) Return to the Sea
Love Interest(s) Gaito
Taro Mitsuki

Sara Hikari

(沙羅 Sara) was the mermaid princess of the Indian Ocean and Seira's predecessor. Years ago, Sara developed a relationship with Taro Mitsuki, but when she believed that Taro broke up with her, the negative emotions erupting from her and wondering why this happened to her stained her hair black and caused the powers of her pearl to run wild and out of control despite the help of her friend Coco from the South Pacific to comfort her. This resulted in the destruction of her kingdom as well as considerable damage to Coco's kingdom. It is later pointed out in the manga that the tsunami which capsized and sank the cruise liner with Kaito's adoptive parents on it was also caused by Sara, spawned unintentionally from the aforementioned incident. The anime makes no effort to explain this and it is instead brushed off as being nothing more than a massive rogue wave for all the audience is left to imagine. She soon comes to be with Gaito and falls in love with him, then seeks to help him in his aims to conquer the seas.


When Taro was
Yoki (1)
in India to gain back his confidence, he met Sara and the pair developed a strong bond with one another. Every time they met, she sang a song along with the music that he played out on the piano. Each of them possess half an orange oyster shell, sym
Sara shell
bolizing that they would be together forever.

Unfortunately, because Sara was the Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean, she was not able to leave it. After Taro learns about this, it causes him to leave her without saying goodbye. This event caused her to think that he broke up with her and had pushed her to believe that love would bear pain and sorrow later in life.

Coco tried to comfort her friend but Sara couldn't overcome her hatred toward Mitsuki. Her hair then turned black and her pearl went crazy, which destroyed her kingdom and caused heavy damage to Coco's kingdom while also unintentionally spawning several tsunamis and tidal waves. One of those waves also unintentionally killed Kaito's adoptive parents.

After all the chaos had passed and the seas calmed, it is assumed that Sara went off through the seas and came across the wandering castle of Gaito, where she then fell in love with him. Apparently neither the Dark Lovers nor the Black Beauty Sisters knew of Sara's presence in the castle until the events of episode 47 in the series' anime production.


Before Sara became the Black Mermaid Princess, she seemed to be very caring and loving, considering her relationship with Taro Mitsuki. After Taro had left her, the anger and grief of her duty as a Mermaid Princess superceding her love made her pearl go crazy and out of control, destroying her kingdom. She then followed the belief that hatred was on her side and that love was nothing but something that would cause pain later.

Sara had conflicting feelings between Gaito and Taro. While Gaito could give her almost everything she desires – including the world – Taro gave her love and happiness through his piano playing which, combined with her singing, created a special melody to their relationship. When some of the other Mermaid Princesses came to the castle to save their allies and Taro, it was upon Sara seeing Hanon protect Taro that she remembered the most significant times of her past with him and it melted the cold feelings of hatred as she came to tears. This changed the tone of her song and Taro apologized to Sara for not knowing that his decision to just leave her without saying anything, which he had done out of the belief that his continued presence would only be troublesome for her, ended up causing her so much pain. This apology revealed the truth to Sara and so proved her belief wrong, thereby causing her true orange color to return to her.



Sara's Dress

Human Form: Sara has body-length orange hair, orange eyes and
Sara full 1

Sara with her cloak

a noticable line above her lips. She had only been seen wearing a long floor-length beige dress with a brown sash and orange knot around her waist, sporting a dark brown choker and orange earrings as well.

As the Black Mermaid Princess: When she was the Black Mermaid Princess, her hair was black and she usually wore a cloak that covered her eyes. Her eyes remained orange and she didn't wear her pendant around her neck like the other Mermaid Princesses.

Mermaid Form: As the Orange Mermaid Princess, nothing changed except that she wore an orange-shell bra and she has an orange tail. Her pendant is also around her neck. As the Bla
Sara-Super Idol

Sara's Idol Form

ck Mermaid Princess, she wore a black shell-bra and had a black tail.

Idol Form: Lastly, there is her true idol form, Orange Pearl Voice. Her costume is an orange long dress, with yellow ruffles on the side and a yellow bow on the back and a slit on the right side that stops between the knees and mid thigh. her gloves are doubled layered the first layer is orange the second layer is a lighter shade and shoes are orange with yellow trim on the front and have a small heel, they somehow resemble slippers. Her front hair is bundled with yellow bands. Her dress and Rina's dress are notably similar.


  • The name Sara is a variation of the Hebrew name Sarah which means "princess" or, alternatively, "lady" or "noblewoman" in said language.
  • Sara is the only mermaid princess who is a villain.
  • Sara and her Indian Ocean kingdom represent the color orange in the rainbow.
  • Sara's birthdate is Sunday, November 22, 1981 and her blood type is AB.
  • Maybe she is from a fairytale, or the human world.
  • Taro is her human world fact, but looking like a princess is her fairytale fact.
  • She is the only villain to reform. Fans that hope there is going to be a reboot think that there is more villains to reform in that show.


Return to the sea (chinese)

童話裡 的美麗 的溫馨 寫成詩 寫成迷  男和女 的結局 最後竄改成悲劇 還有愛 還相信 還曾經是唯一  像城堡 在堆積 虛幻的崩解真心 如果夢 還堅定 我確定 不回憶  不沉醉 向背影 孤獨毫無表情 不想看見你的眼睛  我只想認認真真安安靜靜

沙灘上 的腳印 沒出席 在日記  沒現在 沒過去 沒未來 天空沒出現星星 像眼淚 像水滴 像珍珠 像自己  想珍惜 想忘記 別想左右我情緒 哀與愁 悲與喜 忘不了那旋律  在心底還湧起 還像浪花四起 要讓快樂回到過去 那片海還為我保留甜

就像愛 就像童話 充滿力量 帶給你溫暖  釋放 那些時光 自由讓快樂被解放 沮喪 讓它飄散 就只在乎 無限的延長夢想

像寶石 在閃耀 像太陽 在微笑  像眼淚 在咆哮 像真心 全被刻意的套牢 

壞不壞 好不好 事與非 在顛倒  是謊言 在燃燒 用傷口劃道記號  用微笑 去探照 用承諾 去尋找  而年少 剩多少 黎明只在破曉  幸福只浮現在嘴角 想完成就該不停的奔跑

就像愛 向前出發 迷失方向 不感到害怕  釋放 才能成長 懦弱圍繞 何時能到達  期望 只是理想 雖然我還 像以前那麼的傻

一切結束後 決定放手  月光的溫柔 在我心中  是不是夢 是不是風 還嚮往自由

白雲和天空 溫度相同  有一道彩虹無影無蹤  回憶拼湊光亮清透 能不能這樣放手

我說編織幸福夢 沉醉在其中  好多快樂 在雨中 我們兩個十指相扣 我說一起迎著風 為你覆頌承諾  揮動快樂 抱著我 這樣的深刻  像清晨的微風我會繼續等候

Mermaid Melody - Return To The Sea Lyrics

Mermaid Melody - Return To The Sea Lyrics

Return to the Sea

Legend of the mermaid (sara version)

Legend of the mermaid (sara version)

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