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Gender Female
Age: 18-20
Family: Unknown
Voice Actor Kana Ueda
Song(s) Return to the Sea
Love Interest(s) Gaito
Taro Mitsuki

Sara (沙羅 Sara) was the mermaid princess of the Indian Ocean and Seira's predicessor. Years ago, Sara developed a relationship with Taro Mitsuki, but when she thought that Taro broke up with her, her pearl went crazy and destroyed Coco and her kingdom. It later pointed out that the tidal wave that killed Kaito's adoptive parents was also caused by Sara.


When Taro was
Yoki (1)
in India, he met Sara and developed a strong bond with one another. Each time they met, she sang a song along with the music that he played out on the piano. Each of them possess half an orange oyster shell, sym
Sara shell
bolizing that they would be together forever.

Unfortunately, because Sara was the Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean, she was not able to leave, resulting to Taro leaving her without any words. This event caused her to think that he broke up with her and had beliefs of love meaning pain and sorrow for later.

Her hair then turned black and her pearl went crazy, which destroyed Coco and her kingdom and caused several tsunamis and tidal waves, one of them being the one which killed Kaito's parents.

After all the chaos had passed, it was assumed that she went to find work and ended up at Gaito's castle, where she fell in love with Gaito himself. Apparently, neither the Dark Lovers nor the Black Beauty Sisters knew of Sara's presence in the castle till episode 47.


Before Sara became the Black Mermaid Princess, she seems very caring and loving, considering her relationship with Taro Mitsuki. After Taro had left her, she let her pearl go crazy and destroyed her kingdom out of her anger of her job being a mermaid princess. She then followed the belief that hatred was on her side and that love was nothing but something that would cause pain later on.

Sara has several conflicting feelings between Gaito and Taro. While Gaito could give her almost everything she desires, including the world. Taro, on the other hand, gave her love and happiness through her singing and his piano, which created a special melody of their relationship.



Sara's Dress

Human Form: Sara has body-length orange hair, orange eyes, and
Sara full 1

Sara with her cloak

a noticable line above her lips . She had only been seen wearing a long floor-length beige dress with a brown sash and orange knot around her waist and she wore a dark brown choker and orange earrings.

As the Black Mermaid Princess: When she was the Black Mermaid Princess, her hair was black and she usually wore a cloak that covered her eyes. Her eyes remained orange and she didn't wear her pendant around her neck like the other Mermaid Princesses.

Mermaid Form: As the Orange Mermaid Princess, nothing changed except that she wore an orange-shell bra and she has an orange tail. Her pendant is also around her neck. As the Bla
Sara-Super Idol

Sara's Idol Form

ck Mermaid Princess, she wore a black shell-bra and had a black tail.

Idol Form: Lastly,there is her true idol form, her Orange Pearl Voice. Her costume is an orange long dress, with yellow ruffles on the side and a yellow bow on the back and a slit on the right side that stops between the knees and mid thigh. her gloves are doubled layered the first layer is orange the second layer is a lighter shade and shoes are orange with yellow trim on the front and have a small heel, they somehow resemble slippers. Her front hair is bundled with yellow bands. Her dress and Rina's dress are very similar.


  • Sara means "Princess".
  • Sara represents the color orange of the rainbow.
  • Her birthday is November 22, 1981.
  • Her blood type is AB.


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Mermaid Melody - Return To The Sea Lyrics

Return to the Sea

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Legend of the mermaid (sara version)

Sara-Legend of the Mermaid (Pictures not from MMPPP)

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