Gender: Female
Age: 10
Family: Unknown
Voice Actor: Emi Kitamura
Song(s): Beautiful Wish
Birth of Love

Seira(星羅 Seira) is the successor of Sara and the new Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean. Throughout the series, she appeared in front of Lucia and her friends


Seira had appeared in a few of Lucia's dreams before, though one of the dreams had predicted a latter even that connected to Mikeru. In episode 3, Lucia was taken to the Dream Corridor to witness Seira's birth, Lucia's objective to teaching Seira how to love someone. Unfortunately, the Black Beauty Sisters came and interrupted them. Mikeru came afterwards and absorbed Seira within his body, leaving behind Seira's orange pearl.

After Mikeru and the snake spirit had vanished, Sara appeared and gave Lucia Seira's pearl in a little box. Her mission now was to gather all of Seira's heart pieces. Each time Lucia finds a piece of Seira's heart, Seira learns about love and friendship..


Seira has a personality similar to Lucia, considering that Seira's heart was always with Lucia. She always seems to be happy and supports Lucia everytime one of her heart fragments are attained. She loves to sing, considering how she was singing in episode 52, despite the tense atmosphere. She loves ice cream down to the core.


Seira clothes

Seira's Clothing

Seira resembles Sara in multiple ways, from the spelling of her name to her looks and gestures.

Mermaid Form: Seira has light waist-length orange hair and orange eyes. She wears an orange shell bra and her tail is orange. Like most of the mermaids, she has her shell pendant around her neck and a few bracelet accessories.

Human Form: Seira's hair color and eyes are a darker orange color, but her hair length varied in two episodes.. Seira's wardrobe consists of an orange dress with orange heels and the female's school uniform.

Idol Form: Seira's idol form is a shorter version of Sara's idol form. It consists of a short orange dress with yellow frill trim accompanied with a large yellow bow and frilly orange gloves and boots. Along with the transformation, she gains her usual accessories and microphone.


  • Seira means "Holy and Good".
  • Like Sara , Seira represents the color orange of the rainbow.
  • She is the youngest mermaid princess.
  • That is becuse that her face is very light, and childish, but she is mistaken to be 12 years, becuse her face is not childish to be 10 and as a mermaid or a idol, she is taller.
  • She is the only mermaid princess to be minor.
  • Her "birthdate" is Sunday, December 19, 2004 when she finally attains physical form in the final battle, but she is manifested at the age of ten and thus was not normally born and subsequently raised as the other Mermaid Princesses had been. This has to do with the nature of Sara relinquishing the Orange Princess Pearl unto Lucia's care before her death. The exact reason or reasons as to why Seira is "born" at age ten is never explained, but a couple of fairly understandable ones do exist. One of these reasons is that Sara's wishes and will may have carried over into the pearl. The other one is that Seira would have immediate dominion at this age and so be able to bring back her ocean's Orange Mermaids.
  • Seira is similar to other characters from Mermaid Melody:
  • Her name is simlar to Sara's name.
  • She is similar to Alala, becuse they are both related to villains, and they are both cute.
  • She is also similar to Hanon and Caren, because they are the yongest mermaids.
  • Though we do not get an official measurement for Seira's height, the calculated overall average height for a ten-year-old female is about 137.2cm (or right about 4' 6") so we may assume Seira is at or very close to this mark.
  • She is very chose to being a villain.

Seira's Song(s)Edit

beautiful wish (chinese)

在遠處聽見有聲音呼喚著 輕輕叫醒 睡夢中的我  搖曳在藍色的波浪中 睡在海洋的搖籃裡 在那裡作一個夢 好像在海洋的某一個角落 聽見稀疏爭吵的聲音  哭泣的心沉睡在夢中 愛無法在海裡重生  留下的只有那些 永無止盡的悲傷

絢蘭美麗的那海洋 願望的碎片中要誕生  新的生命不會消失 擁抱最耀眼的光 夕陽染紅的海洋上 平靜得看不到那波浪  世界的眼淚就要沉睡在夢中

在即將誕生的世界呼喚著 輕輕叫醒 睡夢中的我  沉睡在深邃的海底裡 我聽見遙遠的聲音  不管有多黑暗 再痛苦我都不怕

絢蘭美麗的那海洋 願望的碎片中要誕生  新的生命不會消失 越過黑暗的世界 最初的陽光在風中 把海洋染上一片紫光  我的願望 就要實現溶化在海中

有一天悲傷種子 爭吵不停的話語  全部都會再消失 期待那一天來臨 唱出我們那首愛之歌 就讓它流傳在 藍色的海中

是誰用溫柔的聲音 輕輕呼喚我沒有放棄  就好像知道我心中 有著最真的願望 絢蘭美麗的那海洋 願望的碎片中要誕生  新的生命不會消失 擁抱最耀眼的光 夕陽染紅的海洋上 平靜得看不到那波浪  世界的眼淚就要沉睡在夢中

Birth of love

我的愛 已和夢 緊緊地合為一  將心中 的悲傷 化成繁星到天際  所以要一直 堅定相信

誕生在 這世界 感覺是榮耀的  如閃爍 的亮光 天使一般的眼神  請不要讓它又變的黯淡失望

如果這力量 是為了那夢想  能夠被釋放 我希望讓它可以完全 完全地變成為愛

一直都 在身邊 注視我的身影  帶給我 不恐懼 啟程遠行的勇氣 閃亮又耀眼 直到無限

是為了 來照亮 那黑暗的銀河  用生命 的能量 與生俱來的光芒  傳達著如此不凡的生命意義

如果這力量 是為了這份愛  能夠被發射 連接到未來的地圖上 可以去改變明天 如果這力量 是為了那夢想  能夠被實現 我希望讓它可以完全 完全地變成為愛

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Birth of Love - Lyrics

Birth of Love

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