Gender: Female
Race: Sea Demon
Age: 17-18
Family: Mimi (Sister)
Voice Actor: Miki Tsuchiya
Song(s): Voice in the Dark
Yami no Baroque
Apperarance: Red hair, blue eyes,

light skin.(As a demon.)

Light red hair, blue eyes,

light skin.(As a human.)

Red fish.(As an angler fish.)

Sheshe is a sea demon and the oldest member of the Black Beauty Sisters.


SheShe tries to capture the mermaid princesses with her sister Mimi for Gaito, who hires SheShe and Mimi after the Dark Lovers' failed attempts to capture the Mermaid Princesses. SheShe is the leader of the duo. Like her sister, SheShe is also transformed by Gaito's spell, and her true form is a orange demon anglerfish. Though Gaito turned them back to their original forms (two angler fishes), they are brought back in the second season after being revived by that season's antagonist, Michel, and made them his servants. In the pure season, the Black Beauty Sisters also work with Michel's servants, Lady Bat, Lanhua and Alala.

In the middle of Pure season, after a failed attempt at capturing the mermaids, SheShe blames Mimi for their failure, resulting in Mimi abandoning her sister. Although SheShe pretends that she doesn't care, she is worried about her little sister. After Mimi loses to the mermaids while fighting them herself and almost dying, SheShe intervenes, resues her sister and takes her to the bottom of the reef to heal her, using the new power given to them by Michel, saying that she doesn't care if they get "kicked out" or not; she would rather die in the sea with her sister.

At the ending of pure season, she fights with Mimi against Michel, who is angered by the Black Beauty Sisters' failed attempts at capturing the mermaids. They sing against Michel, but he overpowers them and absorbs them. At the end, SheShe confesses how much she loves her sister before they die.

However, Sheshe and Mimi appear at the very last episode of Pure and they sing with the whole cast at the end of the episode.

Also, she appears at episode 27 of the first season with her sister Meme and they are officially introduced.


Sheshe has long red/orange hair in a high ponytail with one red horn and fin-like ears. She is seen usually wearing a red leotard with a different strap it goes around her neck, gray tights and black boots that go to her knees. Sheshe has a microphone tail, sharp teeth and blue eyes.


Sheshe is generally mean to anyone, especially to those who talk bad about her. As the leader of the Black Beauty Sisters she does all the thinking and she hates stress. She is also confident and often looks down on people. When she thinks that their leader is not qualified enough, she and her sister will abandon him and go their own way. Even though Sheshe can be very rude she deeply cares for her little sister Mimi and when Mimi is in trouble Sheshe would help her, even if it would cost her her own life.


The Black Beauty Sisters can sing powerful songs that cause pain to mermaids. Just like her sister, Sheshe showed an invincibility to the mermaids' first songs, until Aqua Regina gave the mermaids new songs. Sheshe can only be hurt by their songs when at least three mermaid princesses sing together in their second idol form. When the princesses are in their first idol form the songs doesn't work on her and her sister.

Also, Sheshe can create tsunamis, whirlpools and storms.

She can capture the mermaids in a bubble by simply blowing at them, but this ability was just shown one time in the show. The same goes for another attack where they shoot something sharp at Lucia in Pure.

The sisters also have a second bubble attack, where they shoot a big bubble at their "pray".

Sheshe has the power to hypnotize people, which was shown in the middle of Pure. She has also used a glowing red power to make Karen unconcious.

She can teleport like the other demons and, in the middle of the first season, she is seen piloting a helicopter with Mimi.

SheShe's GalleryEdit

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