Taro Mitsuki
Gender Male
Age: 21(Manga)
Voice Actor Daisuke Kirii
Song(s) Ningyo no Omoi
Love Interest Sara
Hanon Hosho

Taro Mitsuki (海月 太郎 Mitsuki Tarō) was Lucia, Hanon, and Rina's homeroom teacher at school. Since he is rather young, he easily got along with Hanon and the other students. Hanon sometimes calls him "Taro-chan" or "Mitsuki-sensei".

He specializes in the music department and holds piano recitals from time to time (Hanon attends all of them). Taro is always looking out from his balcony and hoping to see Sara again.


Taro lost his confidence to play music while listening to one of Kaito's parent's performance. When on the verge of quitting, he sent a letter to Kaito's dad and got a reply back, encouraging him to continue studying music. A few years later (days/weeks before Lucia met Kaito), he decided to travel to India, where he develope
Play out
d a relationship with an orange mermaid, the Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean.
Mitsuki shell

As their relationship built up, Taro let his heart play out while the mermaid sang an enchanting tune to the music. Each of them possess half an orange oyster shell, symbolizing that they would be together forever. Unfortunately, because she was the Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean, she wasn't able to leave, so Taro left without a word. Despite his departure, he often thinks about that day while playing the piano and wishes to see her.


Taro is a kind-hearted man who deeply cares for his music. While he looks happy and pleasant on the outside, he has a deep secret involving his knowledge about mermaids. The memories of his relationship with Sara always come to his head whenever he is playing the piano, though depending on how he is feeling, he can make the song very relaxing or sad sounding. Taro probably thinks about Sara all the time, since the piano song he wrote was originally dedicated to Sara.


Taro has dark brown hair and usually wears a beige suit and tie. In his memories with Sara, he wore a light green t-shirt and blue jeans. During his piano recitals, he wears a black tux and somewhere hidden in his jacket pocket, he'd have his half of the oyster shell.


  • Taro means "Plump or eldest son".


Ningyo no Omoi- (Mermaid Melody OST)02:42

Ningyo no Omoi- (Mermaid Melody OST)

Ningyo no Omoi

Taro's GalleryEdit

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