Yuri profile (1)
Gender Female
Species: Human
Voice Actor Chieko Honda
Love Interest Hippo
Anime Debut The Lonesome Princess

Kodoku na Ōjō(孤独な王女)

Yuri(ユーリYūri ) is one of the four of the Dark Lovers and is the youngest one of the group. Yuri usually uses the piano as a threat to the Mermaid Princesses and also can manipulate water with her hands, as seen in episode 50.


Yuri is rather emotional yet seen as a little evil devil within a little girl's body. She uses her piano to create a scary environment and to attract the Mermaid Princesses. Her piano playing also has the power to inflict mind-contral on the humans, who will do whatever she commands them to do.

She hates seeing people happy when she is feeling down and usually will make them suffer by using her dark magic.


Clothes 1

Yuri's Clothing (Middle)

Yuri has long green wavy hair with a red and grey frilly headband and bright green eyes. She wears a rather formal and long red dress with a lot of ruffles and black and gray trims here and there.

In episode 25, she dressed up in a light yellow dress with red rickrack lace and she had her hair up in pigtails.

Yuri has a tendancy to dress up like the Mermaid Princesses and imitate them as well, as seen in episode 21 and at the New Year Party episode.


  • Yuri means "lily, vibrate, and tremor".
  • Yuri is the youngest of the Dark Lover group.
  • Yuri loves Hippo. This can mean the first time in a anime where a villain falls in love with a hero.
  • She looks different in her human form, but in her School Uniform.

Yuri's GalleryEdit

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